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Plagate (plastic agate), Plastone (plastic stone) stainless steel


cameo/ brooch



Year of creation

"I am a blue circle"

With the fast development of technology and the virtual world, also the perception of the human body changes. We are not bound to our given human shape anymore. In my series Cameoism I am researching the possibilities to represent the human body, especially the face.

As we enter the era of transhumanism, where technology and biology converge, the traditional art form of cameo may evolve to reflect this new reality. Instead of traditional portraits of individuals carved into precious stones, cameos may feature digital renderings of individuals' faces. With the advent of transhumanism, individuals may also choose to enhance or modify their physical appearance, leading to a new era of cameo design that incorporates augmented or synthetic features. 

In my series Cameoism I want to show the future of the human body, where a person can be a singen line, such as a blue circle.

Therefore I am expending the perception of a human face within a traditional cameo, by transforming the faces into lines.

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