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Design Principels


Plastone (stone with plastic inclusions), plastic, steel





Year of creation

The fundamental principles of design are ever-applicable - every design can be distilled down to them. They entail harmonies between variety and unity, or balance and contrast, rhythm and pattern, repetition and proportion. The Bauhaus movement epitomised this, simplifying design to its most elemental form.

This notion underscores that all design, even the most ostentatious and opulent, can be deconstructed into a simple interplay of shapes and colours. Stripping a design down to its essentials unveils its language.

In contemporary jewellery, branding often overshadows the pieces themselves. This phenomenon prompts an exploration of complexity. By reducing my designs to their most elemental forms, I expose the intricacies within the valuation system, surpassing the complexity of the pieces. 

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