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Plastone (stone with plastic inclusions), plastic, steel





Year of creation

In ancient times cameos were used to engrave persons of importance that represent the age of time. In today's age, I choose to depict individuals who exemplify the essence of our time: Instagram influencers. These influencers have risen to become symbols of the current era, as their online presence and influence shape the aspirations of millions.

Through my artwork, I present an abstract interpretation of these influencers' Instagram profile pictures. In my eyes, these profile pictures are the contemporary version of historical cameos, depicting the saints or royals of our time.

By transforming their digital personas into physical cameos, I aim to capture and illustrate the spirit of our age - a time where the virtual world has profound real-world implications. This fusion of traditional art with the modern influence of social media reflects the ever-evolving nature of our society and the interplay between the past and the present.

The cameos are named Huda, Camila, Chiara, Karen, Charli, Amanda, Becky, Kylie, Kim and Lele

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