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insignia of power




Plagate (plastic agate), coloured quartz beads, silver, stainless steel


necklace, earrings, brooch, rings



Year of creation

Since humankind precious stones, such as agate, are used to express power with symbols of religion, royalty or wealth. In ancient Egypt Ankh symbol or the Scarab beetle was used as an icon for spirituality of life and death. In royalty, crown jewels where used to stabilize power and show prosperity. And the Catholic Church uses relicts and ikons to demonstrate prosperity.

For the future gemstone Plagate I created futuristic insignia to show the power jewellery has on our society. This fictional insignias of power reflect historical and present symbols of religion and state.

To embrace the power of each symbol and to make a reference to the crown jewels there is for each insignia a necklace, a brooch, earrings and a ring.

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