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the controlled chaos




Plastone, rubber band, Recon, magnets





Year of creation

Chaos lives in everything! As the metal band Korn so aptly puts it in one of their songs, chaos is simply everywhere. It surrounds us in all possible areas of life. Chaos begins with the simple disorder of a room, is the simple error in a system, can be the disorder that pushes us into madness, up to the cosmic origin of all being.

Chaos is felt, if we get to an excess of visual impressions, which we cannot classify, or cannot recognize the system behind it. Of course, chaos depends on a certain quantity, but even this is a question of the point of view. Chaos appears to us, if we cannot overlook something. So it is interplay of angle of view and quantity.

Chaos is not only the origin of all being, but also the emptiness from which everything is created. The emptiness of nothingness is also something that is not controllable. So it also creates a feeling of uneasiness. The infinity of the universe is not only from the physical point of view a chaotic system, also from the point of view of the society the infinite emptiness is chaotic, not controllable.Thus, chaos is interplay between the emptiness of nothingness and the fullness of being.

Chaos has a negative connotation in society, but if one speaks of creative chaos, it is suddenly accepted. Chaos holds a lot of information and impressions and can be used creatively. Chaos does not have to be negative. Chaos is something that surrounds us and that cannot be thought away from our lives. You don't have to fight chaos, but learn to use it.


Nature always knew how to use the chaos, in the turbulence of a river, a jump of heartbeat, in weather and climate. Nature creates out und with chaos and chaos is the beauty of evolution.

Plastone is the natural evolution of the chaos human extensively ad into the environment.


The series the controlled chaos reflects the principles of nature’s possibilities of creation with in the stone called Plastone. But also visually I applied the chaos to the pieces by using an excess of visual impressions. To bring this to the point, the title of each piece is the value of chaos each piece possess, calculated with the mathematical formula used in the chaos theory.

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