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Synthetic Opal, resign, glow in the dark pigment





Year of creation

Uranium munitions is an armor-piercing ammunition that contains enriched uranium. This ammunition is produced from the waste of nuclear power plants.

Several thousand tons of these munitions are currently used in different war zones, such as Pakistan or Iraq. After the use, the cartouche with the uranium will be carelessly left behind. This ammunition is not only harmful for the soldiers, but also harms anyone who gets close to the location where these munitions have been used.

Several international humanitarian organizations have asked for the ban of these weapons, highlighting that the effects breach the principle of distinction. Several States still reject the ban of depleted uranium weapons.


With the project Bullets, I want to raise awareness to this issue. The bullets are made of synthetic opal filled with glow in the dark powder. By turning the munition into stone, I want to show the permeant effect this has on our planet. Also the stone represents the time wasted until humanity acts. The part of the munitions containing uranium in the original is filled with glow in the dark powder to show the toxicity and danger the bullets contain.

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