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Dry Water

copper, glass, silicon, rope, salt from the Dead Sea, water from the Dead Sea





Year of creation

The nature decided to take from us one of the world nature treasures, the Dead Sea. Every year she lets three feet disappear. Bit by bit she swallows the ground so that we can’t enter anymore. Now it is still a wakeup call, if we don’t change our actions. But we are not willing to change.

In the future the Dead Sea will be just a dry memory and the only thing that's left will be small pieces of a treasure, preserved in a museum, like an extinct animal.


To visit the Dead Sea is like to experience a dystopian vison. You will barely see another car on the bumpy street surrounding the seaside. The vegetation seems dry and ruff as if the plants would have had never seen a drop of water. Little roads branch of to the beach. There you could find sings of civilisation. Houses and little huts, a carousel and seesaw from a children’s playground, abandoned and broken. One of the houses is half swallowed by a sink hole. There is no possibility to get closer to the sea without the fear of the ground opening to swallow me too.

An image that left me with a salty and oily taste of a future world without water, so dry that the ground will absorb you.

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