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fuck you, I am jewellery

ringbox, silver, velvet





Year of creation

In the beginning of the 20th century an advertising campaign from the famous diamond company DeBeers changed the world. They introduced the diamond engagement ring and made the western world believe it’s a tradition to propose with a diamond.

This brilliant marketing concept shaped the value of the diamond and gave the whole industry its power and it shows the global impact jewellery has on our life.

Jewellery is the oldest art of mankind. Already in the Stone Age mankind produced jewellery. It was an expression of culture, religion, status and political identity. Over hundreds of years, the question of “what is jewellery” was redefined. Now, in 2022, we are acting as if this question has been answered. We are producing micro sculptures that have no connection to the most important topics, the relation between jewellery and the body, materiality, social status, culture and religion. But a question can’t have a static answer. We have to recognise that main questions like “what is jewellery”, “what is design” or “what is art” cannot be answered, we have to answer them over and over again, vis-a-vis our present, our culture and our world.

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