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Micro Plastic

Polymethylmethacrylat, Polystyrol, Polyquaternium, Acrylates, Polyquaternium, Polypropylen, Glycerin, Gelatine, Aqua, Stainless Steel





Year of creation

This artwork confronts the pervasive impact of microplastics, omnipresent in various personal care products. The tiny particles evade filtration systems, infesting oceans, entering animals' bodies, and consequently, our own - accumulating to 5g of plastic consumption weekly. Despite EU regulations since October 17, 2023, 922 tons of microplastics and 23,700 tons of liquid plastic still contaminate seas annually. In the brooches is set a crafted bio-plastic stone out of bound microplastics and liquid plastic from daily-use shampoo and shower gel.

This piece serves as a visual reminder of the staggering amounts of microplastics released into our environment and subsequently consumed inadvertently by living organisms, including humans.

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