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bird shit pearls (from the Shenkar jewellery department), Rabbit shit pearls (powered by the rabbits Tiffany, Harry and Winston), gold plated brass, silver, Price-Tag Pearl Necklace


necklace, earrings, performance



Year of creation

… in the end it is all the same shit, covered in a different design.

Same Shit is a critique of consumer behaviour in the jewellery industry. The design changes, but the exploitation of our planet and the people in this industry remains the same. We just stick different labels on it.

The work consists of the classic ensemble of pearl necklace and pearl earrings, as well as a performance.

The pearls, the physical works, are pearls made of rabbit and bird shit (from Shenkar Jewelry Department) covered with mother of pearl pigment.

In the performance, I tag myself with a pearl necklace out of price labels. Each label shows a different price. Only the turning of a wheel changes the price. This symbolizes the arbitrariness in pricing of luxury goods.

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