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PLASTONE: A Revolutionary Material Born from Plastic Waste

In a world where plastic pollution has become an alarming crisis, the Plastone stands as a testament to the potential of human resourcefulness. Over the past two centuries, our society has tirelessly developed plastic, a material that nature cannot biodegrade. As its evolution continues, the environmental impact grows more severe, leaving our planet burdened with plastic waste that endangers our ecosystems and wildlife.

Just like the natural process of rutile needles forming in quartz crystals, plastic waste, under immense pressure and time, metamorphoses into stunning stones with plastic inclusions. This mesmerising fusion of discarded plastic and stone births a material that symbolises hope and resilience amid ecological challenges.



Power refers to the weight of the Plastone, determining its physical mass, influences the value of the stone. Larger Plastones may be considered more valuable due to their substantial presence and impact.



Purity measures the quantity of plastic included in the Plastone. At one end of the spectrum, the stone may contain a significant amount of plastic, while at the other, only a minimal presence is observed. This scale highlights the balance between natural elements and the transformed plastic material.



Pigment is a crucial factor that determines the colorfulness of the plastic within the stone. Plastone’s can showcase a spectrum of vivid colours, from brilliantly colourful at its best to transparent at its least colourful. The intensity and richness of the colours contribute to the overall beauty of the Plastone.



Prisma scales the polish of the Plastone's surface, reflecting its shine and lustre. Ranging from highly polished for a refined look to unpolished for a more organic feel, the Prisma scale influences the stone's overall appearance and texture. A highly polished Plastone will radiate an exquisite shine, while an unpolished one may have a more organic and natural appearance.

This is an art project, a fictional parable on the diamond monopoly. All texts and pictures are completely fictional and the property of the artist.

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